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Online Foreclosure Registry
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in the HCIDLA Online Credit Card Bill Pay, you (the "Customer") agree to the Terms and Conditions below. If Customer elects not to agree to the Terms and Conditions, Customer will not be enrolled in the HCIDLA Online Credit Card Bill Pay. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to Customer's service agreement(s) with the City of Los Angeles.

The HCIDLA Online Credit Card Bill Pay only applies to those Customers that have signed up for the use of online bill pay services. Customer will receive an e-mail confirming enrollment within one (1) business day following completion of the online enrollment process. By enrolling in the HCIDLA Online Credit Card Bill Pay, Customer shall have the option to view their bill online and pay their bill online using a credit and/or debit card only.

During enrollment, Customer will be required to create a UserID and Password. Customer is required to have a valid e-mail address to complete enrollment. Customer may make administrative changes, such as changing the Password. Customer agrees to keep the Password confidential at all times. If Customer forgets the Password, Customer may reset it online by completing certain verification procedures. Customer understands and agrees that the Customer has sole responsibility for the security of their Password. The HCIDLA is not liable for any actions, claims, costs, damages or expenses arising from a stolen or lost Password.

Customer authorizes the HCIDLA to charge the amount indicated by Customer to the financial institution and account indicated by Customer. The HCIDLA is not responsible if Customer's financial institution rejects payment for any reason.

Customer understands by enrolling in the HCIDLA Online Credit Card Bill Pay, Customer enters into an agreement with the HCIDLA whereby Customer agrees to view and pay for only those accounts to which they are authorized.

Customer does hereby agree to waive any and all liability against the HCIDLA for any act or omission arising out of the use of the HCIDLA Online Credit Card Bill Pay, unless caused by the HCIDLA's gross negligence or willful conduct.

Customer agrees to not transmit any computer virus or messages that could damage the HCIDLA system.

Customer agrees that it cannot assign or transfer the Terms and Conditions at any time without written consent from the HCIDLA.

GeoRegistry is now LIVE!

HCIDLA has launched GeoRegistry, an interactive public portal and map that tracks properties in Foreclosure long with related information. Please click the link below to be redirected to the GeoRegistry website.

Lender Inspection Policy Resumes

PLEASE NOTE: As of September 2020, HCIDLA resumes enforcement of Los Angeles Municipal Code SEC. 164.06.A (Inspection by Beneficiary or Trustee) of the Foreclosure Registry Ordinance.
ALL other sections and provisions of the Foreclosure Registry Ordinance are currently being enforced, and compliance is required.
Please conduct inspections safely in line with all County and City of Los Angeles public health orders, and contact if you have any concerns regarding conducting monthly lender inspections as required by the Ordinance.

Annual Registration

2021 Annual Registration is due by January 31, 2021.
Click here to download Foreclosure Registry Renewal Notice 2021

On November 14, 2014, the City Council approved an amendment to the Foreclosure Registry (Ordinance No. 183281) that included two new requirements: 1) upon the foreclosure of a residential property, the beneficiary or trustee who acquired the property in foreclosure shall pay a proactive inspection fee in the amount of $356; and 2) for all residential properties registered with the Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA), the beneficiary or trustee responsible for registering the property shall also conduct monthly inspections of the registered property and provide monthly inspection reports to HCIDLA.  The monthly inspection reports shall record the date of the monthly inspection and the condition of the property as observed during that inspection.

The Ordinance further states that failure to comply with any registry requirements within 30 days of HCIDLA’s notification, including the payment of any fees and satisfaction of inspection and reporting requirements, shall be assessed a penalty in the amount of $250 per day for each day subsequent to such notification until the deficiency is cured.  

Monthly Property Inspection
Monthly Inspection reports are to be completed online.

Proactive Inspection Fee:
A one-time proactive inspection fee in the amount of $356 is due upon status change of property from NOD to REO, or on REO properties if not previously registered, for all single-family and vacant multi- family residential properties.

Implementation Date
Implementation of these requirements took effect on February 1, 2015.

City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department